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Screen Command

This is a simple tutorial regarding the use of the Screen command. Screen is useful where you are using distributions that do not have a GUI. You can use the command to have multiple terminal sessions at once.

screen -S <sessionName>

Starts a new session with the specified name. The following are a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use while in a screen session.

  • CTRL+a c - New window.
  • CTRL+a " - List all windows.
  • CTRL+a 0 - Switch to window 0 or 0-9.
  • CTRL+a A - Rename the current window.
  • CTRL+a S - Split the current region into 2 horizontal areas.
  • CTRL+a | - Split the current region into 2 vertical areas.
  • CTRL+a Tab - Switch input focus to another region.
  • CTRL+a Ctrl+a - Toggle between the current and the previous region.
  • CTRL+a Q - Close all regions but the current one.
  • CTRL+a X - Close current region.
  • CTRL+a d - Detach from the screen session.
screen -r

This resumes a screen session.