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OllyDbg is a Windows tool to analyse binary files. This is good when the original source code is not available to you, which is a likely case if you have to analyse viruses and malware. OllyDbg will allow you to step through a program as it runs. For more information and to download click here.

The UI is fairly simple when you first open the program.

OllyDbg 1

Once you've got it opened you'll need to open a binary file. For the purpose of this I'll be opening an exe file. Once your file's opened you'll see that the UI looks a little more busy.

OllyDbg 2

If you've never done this kind of thing before it will look a bit daunting at first and there is a skill to reading these types of files. I won't be teaching that here so we'll move onto some of the capabilities of the tool.

You are able to view a number of different aspects of an exe file.

OllyDbg 3

Now I'll just show you a few of the different views so you get a flavour of what you're able to view.

Log data:

OllyDbg 4

Executable Modules:

OllyDbg 5


OllyDbg 6


OllyDbg 7