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Hyena is a really good tool for enumerating an Active Directory network, as well as your own machine. It can show things such as:

  • Drives
  • Local Connections
  • Users
  • Local Groups
  • Printers
  • Shares
  • Sessions
  • Open Files
  • Services
  • Drivers
  • Events Logs
  • Disk Space
  • User Rights
  • Performance
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Registry Information
  • WMI Information

This can be shown for all devices under Active Directory management. This is a really useful tool for a system administrator as you can also edit settings on these devices and perform other administrative tasks.

To perform a number of the functions Hyena allows you will need to have a fairly high level of privilege on the network already. This tool is far more suited to a system administrators needs; if you have the level of privilege required for this tool, as a penetration tester, you should have a good idea already of the network's structure. That being said it may still be a useful tool to cause a little mayhem once you're in the network.