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Hydra is a tool used for brute forcing passwords. Please do not use this tool for anything other than testing, or where you have explicit permission to do so.

Common Flags

Some common flags for Hydra are:

  • -s - Specifies the port you would like to target.
  • -v - Keeps you updated on the number of attempts the tool has tried.
  • -C - uses colon separated username and passwords.

Command Example

hydra -l <username> -P /usr/share/wordlists/metasploit/password.lst ftp://<ipAddress>
  • -l <username> - The username you would like to use to login.
  • -P /usr/share/wordlists/metasploit/password.lst - This is a password list. Kali (the distro I was using) contains a number of them by default.
  • ftp://<ipAddress> - This is the service and ip address you would like to run the attack on.