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Bash Expect

Bash expect is a useful tool to automate shell scripts, in this tutorial I'll show you how to use the command to provide passwords to the SSH command.


eval spwn ssh <username>@

set prompt "password:"

interact -o nobuffer -re $prompt return
send "<myPassword>\r"
  • eval spwn - This is the command run by expect prior to it waiting for a prompt.
  • set prompt - set a variable called prompt, this will be used later.
  • interact - Gives control of current process Input, Output (IO) user so keystrokes are sent to the process, STDOUT and STDERR or the process are returned. If interact requires more than 1 line it must be braced .
  • -o - Causes following key-body pairs to be applied to the output of the current process.
  • nobuffer - Sends characters that match the following pattern to the output process as characters are read.
  • $prompt - The variable we created earlier. In this instance it's what we're waiting for the SSH command to return before we run our command.
  • send - Sends that string to the current process.