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ADExplorer is a useful tool that sits within the Microsoft Sysinternals suite of tools. This is a tool that's able to show you the structure of an active directory controlled network, as well as attributes of the network. This is useful when if you want a GUI to view information easily without having to use powershell, or go through half a dozen menus in the normal active directory tool to find out the information you want isn't displayed in the frontend of the tool. You might be able to tell that this is something I've had problems with in the past myself.

The tool is really easy to use on a basic level and fairly self-explanatory. You have to connect to a domain controller using an account privileged to do so, then you'll see the explorer style window. This looks similar to the normal Active Directory tool.

ADExplorer also allows you to edit the attributes of objects and create new ones. This is one of the things that makes it a really useful tool.